Reflections on Life

It’s my first time participating in the Daily Prompt! ✌🏻

There’s been a lot of things on my mind lately. I’m currently unemployed which gives me a lot of time to contemplate the direction of my life. Yeah, it’s not that fun.

I felt lost and there were times when a sense of panic overcomes me. But after a few seconds I remind myself of why I left my job. I just knew that it was time I look for a different direction because the path that I was on wasn’t making me happy even if there was a lot of uncertainty in the path that I’m currently walking on.

I quit my job with no back ups and with no clear idea what I wanted to do with my life so I started making a mental checklist.

Things I Wanted to Do:

  1. Bake  😁
  2. Write 😁
  3. Volunteer 😁
  4. Make lots of genuine friends (still working on this 🤔)
  5. FIND A JOB THAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY (still working on this 🤔)

You see, time was my enemy. The more time passed, the less chances I had getting a job. I’ve gotten many rejections: most of them didn’t even bother to tell me. But this post isn’t about my woes.

I’m taking things step-by-step and started doing what I wanted. And, I thought of all the good things that were happening right now: I started a blog, I’m baking a lot, and I joined an organization so I can start to volunteer.

Those are things I never would have done (except the baking) if I didn’t quit my job.

Now, I’m contemplating going to pastry school on the weekends. I’m not going to be a pastry chef or anything but I’m not ruling out that possibility.

I just want to go because I love baking, I love learning new things, and maybe it might open up a new possibility for me.

Baking Life Lesson

I didn’t bake anything but I usually put this at the end of my posts.

It’s all right to plan for the future. I usually react with fear because the future is something unknown. At the same time though, the uncertainty fills me with excitement.

I realized that time is not the enemy. Time just flows and moves forward. This is something we can never go against. The current will push you forward no matter how much you hate it or fight it.

So what can we do? I guess we move forward no matter how unsure we are and enjoy it while it lasts because time ends for all of us. ⚰️

Well, that got dark! I’ll put a cookie here to make this post a bit lighter. 🍪

Daily Prompt: Pursue


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