Eating Japanese Food

I’m going to try something a little different today. There’ll be no baking. Instead, I’ll show you some (well, lots) of picture that I took when I travelled to Japan. Feast your eyes on these!

April 2015 

Why’d I start with the date? This happened two years ago. I didn’t expect that I would be creating a blog in 2017 and sharing my photos from 2015. Do take note that the camera quality is a bit low since I took the photos with my old phone.

I wish I could tell you I took a cool photo of some unique food in Japan. But nope, the first photo I took was a vending machine because there’s loads of them in Japan. I’m not going to show you the photo here. So why’d I even write that?

Anyways, moving on….

First Meal in Japan

The picture on the right is horse sashimi (Basashi), which is not as disgusting as it sounds. Yes, it is horse meat. No, I don’t remember what it tasted like but I recall my reaction was neutral so it must have tasted all right. It was the same reaction I had to the food on the left, which says a lot because I don’t really like tofu.

Sweet Things

My college friend grew up in Japan and when she visits her family, she would always bring me a pack of milk tea powder. I got so excited when I saw this in the vending machine; it’s the same brand my friend buys for me. I bought it immediately and drank the warm liquid as I shopped around.

Mochi ice cream (picture to the right) has always been a favorite of mine. I found this in the grocery store and ate it immediately. I wish I could bring some home. It’s a chewy, powdery, cold taste of heaven.

Bread in Japan is soooo good and unique just like this melon bread that I bought.

I also had a strawberry parfait when I went to the mall, which looks gorgeous. Hi, phone on the table.

I just noticed that the pictures on the left are hot, and on the right are cold. Cool! 🍨

Savory Things and Noodles

To be honest with you, I didn’t enjoy my meal at this restaurant. It wasn’t bad. I just didn’t warm up to the taste of udon (picture on the right).

While we’re on the subject of noodles, these are the ramen I ate.

The second picture is the typical ramen that I usually see. The first ramen is interesting because the noodles are separated from the soup.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot

This is food in a pot and that is my uncle behind the pot. I’m not very descriptive, am I? What did it taste like? The food made me feel warm and cozy. hehe I didn’t answer the question.

Raw Things

Of course, you can’t leave Japan without eating sushi or sashimi. The picture on the right came from a grocery store. It was good at first, but if you keep eating it, it’ll get pretty tiring.

Unfortunately, there’s no baking life lesson today. I simply wanted to share pictures of the food I ate.

But I encourage you to go visit Japan. Look for a cheap flight and accommodation and splurge your money on food. It’s so worth it! 👍


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