My Little Sunshines ☀️

Daily Prompt: Sunny

Webster’s dictionary defines sunny as — nah, I’m kidding!  This post is dedicated to my adorable little dogs: the little sunshines in my life.


First, I’d like to introduce you to my dogs. Each one has a unique personality.


Sutton is a very kind and playful dog. She can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to relax; her energy level never goes down. But she is the most gentle and sweetest dog among the three.


Tofu is a very affectionate and loyal dog. She’s very athletic and is capable of jumping tall heights, but she’s very sneaky when it comes to food. I’m very vigilant when I’m eating around her because you don’t know when she’ll take a bite of your food.


Toby is the most human-like among them. There’s just something about her expressions that seems very complex like she’s trying to tell more but she can’t say it.

Burning Warmth

Does the title make sense? Those are the words I associate with them.

There are times when it’s too sunny. The sweat rolls off your skin and you feel annoyed; it’s much easier to get angry.  Exhaustion is easy to achieve when it’s hot. I start to think about the bad things: I remember Tofu digging around the bathroom trash can and scattering the used tissue paper all over the floor; or Sutton scratching my leg non-stop while I eat my food; or Toby trying to gain control when I put her in a leash.

Taking care of dogs is never easy. They need love and attention. They have their moods, likes and dislikes.

But it’s so worth it to have them. They bring so much warmth in my life especially when I’m feeling down and unmotivated. They wag their tails every time they see me come back home like I’m the only light in their world.

A dog’s loyalty and love is unmatchable and maybe even transcendent. It’s like no matter what you do, whatever they feel for you never wavers. It’s incomprehensible to know the gravity of their feelings.

I only hope that through my actions (for this is the only way we can communicate with each other) they know I return their affections.


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