An Adventure

One thing I neglected to mention in my “Eating Japanese Food” post was this picture right above. There’s a story behind this food and why it became the highlight of my visit to Japan.

Two years ago, I went to Japan with my family. My brother was going to visit his girlfriend; my mom, uncle, and I tagged along.

My brother’s Japanese girlfriend was our usual tour guide. But she was busy that day so we had an opportunity to explore by ourselves.

My mom got a tourist travel map when we went to the mall and it highlighted the must-see sights in the city.

We visited many places like a museum, a park, and castle ruins. But the best place we went to was a fish market. Now, that might sound weird. But it was fun looking for this place.


Let’s go to the fish market!

I was sort of the navigator among our trio: my mom, uncle, and me. We rode the subway near our hotel and looked for the stop nearest to the fish market. Then, the adventure started. We sort of just walked around. Well, I had an offline map app that tracked our location so it was no problem. My mom was more old-fashioned and asked around, which was really endearing because it was fun to see my mom and a local interacting in limited english words.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes of walking, we finally found it!

Fish Market

My mom randomly “talked” to a stranger while we were washing our hands in the rest room. After some hand gestures on which restaurant (there were loads of restaurants in the building all serving fish) we should eat at, the stranger kindly motioned for us to follow her and brought us to a restaurant.

A model of the food was displayed outside and we just pointed at what we wanted to eat.

This was mine


I probably had the best order among the three of us. It was really good. There was something satisfying about finding this by just interacting with the locals, and looking at maps.

My mom also really loves fish so this was a wonderful experience for her!


What was it that made this experience so unforgettable?

I think it was my mom really. I love Japanese food, but I also loved that my mom got to eat one of her favorite things.

And I guess it was amazing and heartwarming to know something more about my uncle and my mom: they were adventurous, which was something I hoped to be. They didn’t stay at the hotel or visited a shop we already went to. They wanted to go into the unknown with only hand gestures as our way of communication.

It was this experience that bonded us in Japan, more so than the others.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some photos I took of cherry blossoms and a tulip.



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One thought on “An Adventure

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan! Their food, culture, and temples just look so amazing. Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. I’m hoping I can go one day during cherry blossom season šŸ™‚


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