An Adventure

One thing I neglected to mention in my “Eating Japanese Food” post was this picture right above. There’s a story behind this food and why it became the highlight of my visit to Japan.

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My Little Sunshines β˜€οΈ

Daily Prompt:Β Sunny

Webster’s dictionary defines sunny as — nah, I’m kidding! Β This post is dedicated to my adorable little dogs: the little sunshines in my life.

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Eating Japanese Food

I’m going to try something a little different today. There’ll be no baking. Instead, I’ll show you some (well, lots)Β of picture that I took when I travelled to Japan. Feast your eyes on these!

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Microwaveable Chocolate Cake πŸ«

I wasn’t exactly craving chocolate when I made this. I was taking care of my two-year-old niece and I needed some way to distract her and make her stay still because she kept moving around and climbing on chairs. My solution: make an easy chocolate cake that involves very little preparation and ingredients.

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Matcha (Green Tea) Chocolate πŸƒ

It’s ironic that I love baking sweet things, but I don’t like eating too much of it. This matcha chocolate is perfect for me! The bitterness of the matcha balances out the sweetness of the chocolate and it’s so easy to make. Not to mention that matcha has lots of healthy benefits, which is probably diluted by the white chocolate. πŸ€”

In any case, this chocolate is gooood!

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Chocolate Drink of Life β˜•οΈ

Hmmmm… chocolate. Do you ever wonder why they call it ‘death by chocolate?’ Yeah, me too. If you’re thinking that I’m going to give a short explanation on why they call it ‘death by chocolate’, you’re not going to get it. Oooh, I’m playing hardball… with no one, apparently and with no end goal in mind. πŸ€”

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Homemade Ice Cream πŸ¨

I was really craving ice cream last night so I bought a sundae. Then, an idea suddenly popped in my head. What if I made some ice cream? I just knew that this was something I had to do. It was instinct. I needed ice cream. And it was so easy to make!
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